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December 2015 – Part 3

I received a very welcome Email yesterday, from Justin, our man on staff in Kenya.  He was excited to tell me that  that after a few days of work, including re-flushing the well (thank you, Chris, for helping them get a load of fresh water from Maasai Corner), they were able to re-install the pump

December 2015 – Part 2

I’m back in the states.  Got back safe and sound, after a grueling 13 hour flight from Istanbul to Houston.  Now somewhat rested and restored, I realized, after talking to several blog-followers at church today, that I never updated you from where I was with the well construction.  So sorry for that.  So, here goes again in shot-gun fashion,

December 2015

Update from Kenya, Monday, Dec. 7, 2015  OK, so I had this amazing blog already to send – but then I read it.  Too long, and too boring, I thought – even for me, and I wrote it! So, here’s the Cliff Notes: -          Mobilized and began cleaning a dirty well @ Mwapala (our problem site) -          Cleaning