Monthly Archives: May 2016

Shimba Hills Filtration Update

So, here’s the pretty little gal—now that I rescued her from her transport box. I wonder how she will fit in with Jane’s chickens. I guess we’ll soon find out. So, oh yeah—my chicken! Here is a close-up of the little beauty. Only problem is, that chickens don’t really make good pets. Plus,

We Have A Truck!

Its done! We now have a truck! Our very own—thanks to Alamo Heights UMC and so many of you. Actually, the truck down payment happened before I arrived. And now—it is ours. I have been driving it for almost a week now—all over South Coast and now through Mombasa (as of early this morn-ing) and

We Need Your Help!

May 2016 Fundraising Goal: $5,000 Drill team leader, Bob Nicol, will be returning to Kenya in less than 2 weeks.  One of the tasks the drill team hopes to accomplish on this trip is the initial construction of a community water filtering system.  We have received permission for construction at the Shimba Hills pump station. We need your