Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Rainy Season

You may recall that our drill team just finished a new well in the small, remote community of Kinango, Kenya.  They told me there was a drought there, but honestly, I hear that a lot.  Now that I am here, however, I have been hearing stories daily of just how serious their situation is.  Apparently the government,

November 2016 Update

Justin Dida and his team have been working at this project for almost 2 weeks, drilling 145 of the 150 ft. through very hard rock. The well yielded much water - almost 100 ft. of static level - this, at the end of a drought and the very beginning of the rainy season. This, in

MoreWater4Kenya Begins First Well

Nine days ago the MoreWater4Kenya drill team, led by drilling supervisor, Justin Dida, mobilized to a very remote community, called Kinango.  It is located more than 50 km from our current base in the town of Ukunda, and the difficult trip includes almost 30 km of an unpaved washboard roadway.  Less than six weeks ago I traveled with Justin to visit the church director, Pastor