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Good Water for Kebene Shamba

Well, they did it!  The MoreWater4Kenya drill team successfully completed the new well at the beautiful shamba (farm) for Kebene Foundation Children's Home.  In only 4 days of actual drilling and completion, this amazing team drilled 193 feet, through hard sandstone for most of the depth, and then installed the casing and filter gravel.  They

Drilling Again! – Kebene Shamba Well

Here we go again - or, should I say - "the team goes".  I'm back in the states.  After completing the well at Dumbule, we mobilized all the way to Mwakangani (mwaw-con-gone'-ee), over 70 km away, 45 on dirt roads.  What a difference in scenery from the parched, dryness of Kinango-Dumbule.  You would think that

Drilling Challenges

Some may say, "this is too long, Bobu."  I don't think so.  But I'll leave that to y'all. Yesterday afternoon I drove back into Ukunda, to meet my friend Geoffrey, who had gone into Mombasa (across the ferry) to fetch a hand pump that he had ordered for us, from his friend – also a

Drilling in Dumbule (doom-bull’-ay)

Now it actually looks nice, with some green returning – on the ground and in the trees and shrubs- now that the rains have finally come – a bit, anyway. Last time I came through here it was so parched – looked like scorched earth, as depicted in the movies. All mobilized and ready