Monthly Archives: June 2017

“Siku tano! (five days) – Just like that!”

Siku tano.  Five days!  That's all it took them, was 5 days!  Not 4 weeks, like at the last well at Nguluku.  But here in the tiny Barcelona community, Justin, Peter, Fred and Geoffrey - in just five days - drilled to 205 feet and then installed and completed the well pump.  I tell you,

No Rest for the Weary

Barely recovered from a most trying 4-week ordeal, drilling and completing the last difficult, yet successful well at Nguluku, the amazing men of MoreWater4Kenya (MW4K) are back at it. This time they’re in Barcelona. No, not the site of the 1992 World Summer Olympics. It’s actually a tiny Shimba Hills community (unincorporated, we would call