So, yeah, I’m back in Kenya – for all of my friends who ask me when I’m going back.  Now, .  .  .  .  I tell you,  .  .  .  .  I’m going back now.  Thank you for missing me.  Miss you guys too.

We will begin another well drilling project tomorrow, when we mobilize to the site, which is about 16 km from our compound.  I visited there with our team on Friday, after arriving from Nairobi by local air (to the coast).  It’s a beautiful location and we will be drilling high up on a rocky plateau, overlooking a beautiful, lush-green, valley – rich with farmland and a creek meandering through it.  That should also be a good source for the water we will need for mud drilling.  I’ll send some pictures once we’re under way.

Yesterday I got to spend a few hours at the ocean.  The weather was spectacular, particularly in light of all the rain that is starting (early) to come – nearly every day. It rained today, off and on.  But I managed to get another late swim in, after church and a nice lunch at a seaside café, with Chris Moore, my friend and host.

So, another nice surprise was that my car was repaired.  I don’t know how many saw the photos I posted when Justin, our drill team leader, had a horrible roll-over accident about a month ago.  If you hadn’t heard, he was truly saved by the hand of God, as he was not even wearing a seat belt (Kenyan’s seldom do).  Here is what he said when he emailed me to tell me about the accident, “Bob from your book, I’m sure that you are a believer and you believe in the one true God, who saves and delivers people.  I have seen Him today.  No deaths, no injuries, not even a skin scratch.  My friend, I have seen God.”

When we got to talk, I told him that God spared him for a purpose – and He will use him greatly in the future, of that I am certain.  I am sure that He has rich plans for Justin Dida.  He is now my new miracle buddy!  I could not wait to see him when I arrived at the Ukunda Air Field on Friday – and give him a great big hug.  He told me about the accident over lunch.  He said that by the time he realized that he was not dead – and not really hurt, even, there were already ladies crowding around the vehicle, crying and praying for whoever was in the car.  Then he told me when he climbed out and looked around, they all screamed and ran away, thinking that he was a ghost!  True story.

Okay.  Enough for now. I will send more photos once we get underway with the drilling – promise.  Mean time .  .  .

Live blessed,



This is how it looked after I purchased it and Dominic gave it a new paint job, back in June.  Pretty sweet, eh?

Here it is in action in June, at a well repair site.

This is how it looked, once Justin realized he was still alive and climbed out. The aluminum roof was crushed and the windshield popped out, intact!

Our amazing “fundi” mechanic, Dominic, browsing for a spare Land Rover roof at this police boneyard in Mombasa.

Starting to come together, at the hand of Dominic and his team of craftsmen. The chassis, back doors and engine were intact. The roof, windows and front doors are all replacements.

And here she is! All shiny and new looking.  Amazing! –  right?   Note that the replacement roof is one with reinforcing channels.   I am so sure that no car is ever totaled in Kenya!