Msulwa Community Well Completed

Finally, after 3 - 1/2 long weeks of drilling, reaming, re-reaming, and several attempts to insert well casing, Justin reported that the team had successfully completed the well and the casing - down to 210 feet.  What seemed like a relatively straightforward project, although hard rock drilling, turned out to be anything but.  However, as

Leaving Again

Always happens – I start out, as early as possible after arriving in Kenya, to get started with a new well project.  I arrive packed with hope for completing another well to provide life-giving water to those without – or with a long, laborious journey to retrieve.  I visited the site on my first day

“Drilling is Hard Work”

Don't ever let anyone tell you different - whether in the Permian in Texas, at several miles down, or here in Kenya, struggling to go below 80 ft. - its tough, I promise you that.  I knew that when I first saw the drilling process - in South Sudan, almost 11 years ago.  But that

Back Again!

So, yeah, I’m back in Kenya – for all of my friends who ask me when I’m going back.  Now, .  .  .  .  I tell you,  .  .  .  .  I’m going back now.  Thank you for missing me.  Miss you guys too. We will begin another well drilling project tomorrow, when we mobilize

More Water for More

So, as I’m sitting here in a usual spot – the living room at Mayfield Guesthouse, Nairobi – I suddenly realize two things:  1.  I have not written anything since arriving – oh, maybe a few email responses, but no blogs or travel updates; and, 2. We did not drill a single well while I

Bob Nicol’s new book!

Have you ever been lost in a dark place? Have you ever found yourself surrounded by turmoil, confusion, or danger? We’ve certainly all felt this way at some time or another, but have you ever been lost in the middle of the Sudanese desert late at night, wandering around alone in the vast brush of