Finally, after 3 – 1/2 long weeks of drilling, reaming, re-reaming, and several attempts to insert well casing, Justin reported that the team had successfully completed the well and the casing – down to 210 feet.  What seemed like a relatively straightforward project, although hard rock drilling, turned out to be anything but.  However, as I told you in my last update, this team never quits.  Their perseverance always amazes me.  Although Justin did reach out for some guidance during several days of supreme difficulty, in the end they endured – and now the community has a deep well that should provide for their combined water needs for many years.

Now the only question is, when will this well begin to really produce.  So far the yield is not great.  It appears that all of the foam that is required to lift the cuttings to the surface during the hammer drilling with air, coupled with the water-based mud, is partially blinding off the groundwater outlets to the well.  Justin reported flushing with fairly significant quantities of Jik (major brand name for Kenyan-made bleach) to help break up these blockages.  Meantime, I am contacting some specialists here in the Texas deep-well oil drilling world – to see if there are superior products on the market that I could send to my team in Kenya to assist in this effort.

Once this dilemma is overcome, we can focus on how to provide an electric pump and necessary generator to power it, since there is currently no electric power service in this remote location.  I am hopeful that a used generator can be procured at a reasonable price, to assist the community in this process.  They have taken on the construction of an elevated tower and storage tank, but do not yet have all of the funding to complete this work.  We will help as best we can, but our funding is limited, as well, after completing this expensive borehole and casing install.  We shall have to see what God has in mind as we continue to seek his guidance and compassion for these wonderful, yet needy community.

Please stay tuned.

Live blessed,



Installing the casing: Peter sets the clamp.

Ready for the last piece.

Cutting off the top section after placing gravel pack.

Nearly complete.

Thar she blows! They blew for 2 hours and the water never stopped. Surely there is plenty of water in this well.