I don’t know, but this is becoming a recurring theme, don’t ya think?  They did it yet again – completed another well, which was, again, locally funded.  The client is an amazing new agribusiness, right here in Shimba Hills.  We feel blessed to be of assistance to them in their quest to grow the highest quality Moringa crop in Africa.  Read more about them below and on their website – www.livelove well.org.

Rather than me try to tell you about the project, from emails and WhatsApp texts, I’ll just let you read the account from our amazing supervisor, Justin Dida.  Here’s what he wrote in response to my inquiries, once he surprised me with the photos and video, below.:

Yes Bob you deserve a clear explanation about this successful project,  We started drilling on 23rd Jan, after signing a contract with the director of the company on 22nd, At that day the guy promised that he would make a cash transfer to our  account. Because I had  what it take to make this job move, for I had the casings from  Nyumba ya Watoto (previous successful well project at an orphanage) and withdrew some cash from  the More account.  Knowing that the man will  transfer the deposit the next day, I mobilized my team and machinery to the site and started working.

We drilled only 15 ft and hit a hard rock.  We only managed 18 ft the first day and decided to use the magic hammer on Day 2.  After 2 days of hammering,  we managed to 130 ft and the hammer refused to work, for it was blocking every now and then. We pulled up and started reaming, which only lasted us a day to reach the bottom.

On Tuesday the manager called me and apologized that there has been a delay of funds transfer from abroad to their local account.  My friend, by that time I had gone too far to stop the project for we had found water from 40 ft all the way down!   We decided to continue drilling with the rock bit and amazingly we managed to 165 ft, which encouraged us more. So  I trusted Mr. Paul David, the manager, and  God and encouraged my team to take this challenge positive and  continue working as ever.  We managed to 200 ft  on Thursday.  Then the casing work went smooth.

We had  minor breakdowns of the rig and  compressor  but  Dominic was quick in response  and there where no big delays or stop overs.  I had a meeting with Paul and  he is sincerely sorry for the delay on his part and very thankful for solving their water problem in a miraculous way, which had defeated many.  He gave me a check of the whole amount to be deposited on Friday the 8th.  He said their bank issues will be through by Monday but he gave us the Friday date just in case.  Bob, I  trust this man , I trust GOD – and I trust this company that nothing will go wrong.  I will take you to this place when you come.  It is beautiful and only 30 min. drive from Shimba Hills.  Sorry, I admit being weak.


The money is not only in the bank now, but it more than paid the team’s entire cost for this well, plus enough left over to complete another 50 meter well for the next community or orphanage in need.  What a blessing when our Kenyan Team can complete all facets of these projects, including negotiations and funds management.




“Organic Superfoods Out of Africa”


Here’s an excerpt from their website:    “We want to see the communities surrounding our farms to grow Moringa, for personal consumption and as well paid out-growers in order to prosper” – says Talitha Hogebrug the Chief Commercial Officer in Live Love Well. “Live Love Well aims to become the leading grower, producer and brand owner of Organic Superfoods products from Africa utilizing small hold producers while creating sustainable livelihoods for 20.000 people in the South Coast”.

Their goal:  “Making the cleanest and highest nutritional value Moringa on this planet”

More Water 4 Kenya is proud to work with organizations like this.  I will ask them, when I return, if they will allow us – and even assist us in growing some Moringa on our property in Shimba Hills.  Their focus is not only on high quality organics, but also on sustainability of the rural markets, leading to career jobs  for depressed, rural communities.

Pretty exciting, huh?    Please stay tuned.


Justin, looking serious.

Hammer drilling is messy!










The check arrives!

Video of the well development with the air compressor.  There is plenty of water in this well.              Enough for a very sustainable future.